Online Registration for LACNIC 35 Is Now Open!


Online Registration for LACNIC 35 Is Now Open!

LACNIC is preparing its first annual event for the Internet community, which will be held online from May 10 to 14.

First confirmations for the agenda have already been accepted and registration has been opened.

The LACNIC Technical Forum (FTL) will feature the works selected by the Committee, as well as new experiences and presentations by special guests related to the technical aspects of Internet development: IP network operation, IPv6 deployment, routing improvements, DNS, interconnection of Autonomous Systems, attack mitigation and development of security systems, among other topics.

The FTL will also present the six women selected to participate in LACNIC’s Mentoring Program. These young women have spent six months preparing technical work with the support of a group of mentors.

LACNIC 35 will repeat the experience of “Time for Technology”, a space promoted by the experts of the organization to present technical advances and novelties. These include the LACNIC Tools and the LACNIC IRR Project.

With regard to tutorials – one of the most demanded areas at online events – so far, the following trainings have been confirmed: IPv6, DNSSEC and secure routing.

Research on IPv6 Deployment.  The event will present the results of a research study on IPv6 deployment within the region that was conducted by LACNIC with the support of an outside consultant. The work gathers the experience of more than 40 operators throughout the region, and discusses the reasons why they have implemented IPv6 or not, as well as its advantages and disadvantages.

Likewise, there will be other activities included in the agenda, such as the FIRST Regional Conference -an event covering cybersecurity issues- and the LAC Peering Forum, which aims to promote collaborative spaces on topics related to network interconnection, Internet exchange point operators, CDNs, among others.

As in previous online events, we seek to maintain the spirit of face-to-face meetings. For this reason, we will once again have a Virtual Exhibit for participants to interact with sponsors and ask questions to the LACNIC staff.

In addition, we are still engaging with our social networks, so we invite you to follow our accounts (Twitter,Facebook,Instagram)

The event will be held through the Zoom platform, so if you do not yet have an account, we recommend that you create one here . And as usual, sessions will provide simultaneous transcription and interpretation in LACNIC’s three official languages: Spanish, English and Portuguese.

Register here to participate.

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