Major meeting of the LACNIC Community in Lima


Major meeting of the LACNIC Community in Lima

This month, Lima welcomed the year’s first annual meeting of the LACNIC community. More than five hundred professionals and leaders representing various Latin American and Caribbean organizations, companies, governments and universities participated in the forums and debates scheduled as part of LACNIC23. Event highlights included the presence of Fadi Chehadé, ICANN President and CEO, and the discussions on the transition of ANA functions stewardship.

The LACNIC23 meeting also served to promote IPv6 deployment throughout the region, a crucial element for Internet development. In this sense, the Latin American IPv6 Forum (FLIP 6) held within the framework of LACNIC23 encouraged attendees to adopt the IPv6 protocol by sharing different experiences in the implementation of IPv6-based services and applications. Attendees were able to share their experiences relating to IPv6 security, business cases, corporate networks, mobile broadband, and techniques for transitioning to the new IPv6 protocol (watch the presentations:

Distinguished Visitor. The presence of Fadi Chehadé, ICANN President and CEO, in his first public appearance at a Regional Internet Registry event was one of the meeting’s highlights.

Both the LACNIC Board and Oscar Robles Garay, the organization’s CEO, held fruitful meetings with Chehadé at this key moment of the IANA functions stewardship transition.

Chehadé also gave a lecture at LACNIC23’s main auditorium, just hours after news of his resignation from his position as ICANN CEO in March 2016 was released.

LACNIC’s Executive Director thanked Chehadé for his participation at the Latin American and the Caribbean community’s meeting. “I’ve had the pleasure of working with Fadi in defense of the fundamental principles of the Internet, shared by both our organizations, during key moments in Internet history such as the IANA functions stewardship transition process,” Robles noted.

He highlighted ICANN CEO’s commitment to “maintaining and promoting the Multistakeholder Internet Governance Model,” noting that this has been an outstanding quality “along with his energy and the time he’s devoted, particularly to leading the final stage of the process.”

In turn, Oscar Messano, Chairman of LACNIC’s Board of Directors, described ICANN CEO’s visit as “magnificent,” and recognized “the importance of his participation in major instances such as the transition of the IANA functions stewardship, a process to which LACNIC and its community are determined to provide continuity through this final stage of shaping our community’s proposal.”

In addition, Rolando Toledo, CEO of the Peruvian Scientific Network, co-organizer of the LACNIC meeting held in Lima, stressed the relevance of the regional Internet community’s return to Peru and noted that it had served to strengthen deployment of the new Internet protocol, IPv6, throughout the region now that IPv4 resources have been exhausted.

During the event’s closing ceremony, LACNIC announced that it will be holding its upcoming meeting –LACNIC 24 / LACNOG 2015– in the city of Bogotá from 28 September to 2 October.

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