LACNOG Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary at LACNIC 34


LACNOG Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary at LACNIC 34

The Latin American and Caribbean Network Operators Forum (LACNOG) will be celebrating its 10th anniversary at LACNIC 34 LACNOG 2020, the event that will be held online from October 2 to 9 and will include presentations and studies on the latest in Internet routing, how infrastructure has responded in times of COVID-19, and initiatives for improving Internet security.

After discussing the idea on a mailing list and holding a meeting in São Paulo (Brazil), LACNOG was born in 2010 as a forum for participants to share their experiences and has since become a leading space for the development of network operation at the regional level.

During the event that will be held this October, LACNOG will celebrate its tenth anniversary with a panel titled “LACNOG 10th Anniversary: LACNOG Founders Panel,” with the participation of Arturo Servín, Ricardo Patara, Nicolás Antoniello, Christian O’Flaherty and Ariel Weher (guest). Moderated by Carlos Martinez, the panel will be held on Wednesday 7 October and will open the LACNOG activities planned within the LACNIC 34 event.

The Network Operators Forum agenda includes presentations on various technical aspects of Internet routing security; initiatives for increasing security; network infrastructure, particularly in times of COVID; network security, and IPv6.

Speakers. The series of technical conferences scheduled for LACNOG will be opened by Tomás Lynch, an expert who has given one of the highest number of presentations at LACNOG events over the past six years. This time, his presentation is titled “I configured RPKI Because of a Tweet.”

Highlights of the technical presentations that are part of the program also include “Networks in the Time of COVID-19” by Anahi Rebatta, the person with the second highest number of presentations at LACNOG events over these past six years; “Update on AS15169 (Google) on BGP Filtering and RPKI” by Arturo Servín, another frequent presenter and instructor at LACNOG meetings; “Jules Verne and Twenty Thousand Leagues of Submarine Cable: A True Story about Submarine Cables” by Rogerio Mariano; “Overview of IP Network Hijacking” by Alejandro Acosta; and “Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Internet Latency: A Large-Scale Study” by Massimo Candela, among other qualified speakers.

In addition, during the month of September LACNOG will organize several webinars in preparation for the event. Two of these webinars have already been decided: “BGP Monitoring in Support of Your RPKI Deployment” with Massimo Candela and a webinar on the Internet of Things with Gustavo Mercado.

An entire week.  LACNIC 34 LACNOG 2020 will begin on Friday 2 October and will run until the 9th, an entire week with an extensive offering of training tutorials on network operation in IPv6, routing security, resource certification, interconnection, network management, and DNS security.

LACNIC will also organize its usual Public Policy Forum, a special activity by IT Women, a panel with the winners of the 2020 FRIDA call for projects, and the Meeting of Latin American and Caribbean Computer Security Incident Response Teams.

Simultaneous transcription and interpretation in three languages (Spanish, English and Portuguese) will be provided for the LACNIC 34 LACNOG 2020 event. Click here to register to participate in the event.

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