LACNIC Technical Forum Highlights


LACNIC Technical Forum Highlights

During the upcoming LACNIC 35 event, the LACNIC Technical Forum (FTL) will include a select group of presentations on the most relevant Internet related topics.

LTF, a space designed for the technical community to analyze the latest advances in Internet architecture and security, will take place on Wednesday, May 12 and will kick off at 14:00 UTC.

The forum will be held via Zoom and transcription and simultaneous interpretation will be provided in Spanish, English and Portuguese. To participate, you must register here.

Highlights and new talents. Highlights of the LTF program include a study by Hugo Salgado on The Poor Practice of Using “localhost” in Domain Names. In his presentation, Salgado will discuss some of the security issues detected due to the use of a technique that dates back to the late 20th century. Although this technology is considered a security risk, measurements carried out at a ccTLD show that it is still used in 20% of the region’s domain names. The expert will call on DNS zone operators to put an end to this practice.

Another highlight will be Paul Bernal’s presentation on leveraging the IoT honeypot network for the LACNIC region. Selected as one of the winners of the FRIDA Program in the Security category, IoT Honeypot Deployment in Latin America and the Caribbean will discuss the progress made by the project as well as advantages and benefits for the region and for participating and collaborating institutions, including collected data, statistics, and their visualization.

The data generated by this project are shared with national CSIRTs and network operators across the region, as well as with other CSIRTs and network operators worldwide. The project uses existing IoT related open-source honeypots and deploys them at a large scale using the Shadowserver framework.

In turn, during the FTL section reserved for new talents and dedicated to the young women selected as the winners of LANIC’s IT Women mentoring program, María Jesus Cresci will present her work on Software Platforms and Protocols for Effective IoT Development. This work focuses on IoT and the network protocols needed in areas where there is no signal coverage of any kind (e.g., in rural areas) and where sensors need to be deployed to monitor property, livestock, environmental variables, and other applications. The study addresses the feasibility of using various protocols to provide connectivity in remote regions based on each protocol’s strengths.

The other new talents presenting during this section will be Vanessa de Oliveira Mello, who will share her work on Network Automation: Idempotency in the Configuration of an AS; Yisel Tamayo, who will present her Model for Availability Management and Control in the Automation of Technological Infrastructure Monitoring Processes; and Dalia Terán, who will share her research titled Analysis of IPv6 Information Network Security in a Virtualized Environment.

The LACNIC Technical Forum will also include the following presentations: MAP Translation (MAP-T), by Xander Thuijs; RFC 8981 – Temporary Extensions SLAAC, by Fernando Gont;  Routing Security for IXPs, by Flavio Luciani; ASPATH – Open-Source Software for Route Collection, by Rodrigo Peña; Automating BIRD and Running BGP Without Perishing, by Ariel Antigua; and A Strategy to Keep Your Geolocation Up to Date, by Massimo Candela.

In addition, participants will have the chance to view additional submissions selected to be presented at the LACNIC 35 Virtual Exhibit.

Click here to register to participate in the event.

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