LACNIC 36 LACNOG 2021 Kicks Off with More than 800 Professionals from 30 Countries


LACNIC 36 LACNOG 2021 Kicks Off with More than 800 Professionals from 30 Countries

More than 800 professionals from 30 different countries registered to participate virtually in the LACNIC 36 LACNOG 2021 event, which kicked off with two tutorials (IPv6 Network Operation and Interconnection and Routing Security) plus the Latin American and Caribbean Peering Forum.

IPv6 Network Operation. Presented by Alejandro Acosta, Uesley Correa, and José Cotúa, this tutorial focused on IPv6 only and addressed the general architecture of a network platform for ISPs and datacenters, optional and required transition mechanisms to deploy an IPv6-only datacenter, the simultaneous deployment of IPv6-only, NAT64/DNS64, 464xlat, and SIIT-DC to address various requirements at the network level, recommendations and best practices for deployment, and operational aspects that should always be considered.

The workshop (link) also included a practical demonstration of the deployment of an IPv6-only datacenter with 464xlat and SIIT-DC.

Interconnection and Routing Security. Led by Guillermo Cicileo, Erika Vega, Nicolas Antoniello, and Santiago Aggio, this tutorial (link) provided an overview of traffic exchange (IXPs, peering and CDNs) and discussed the business relations and technical aspects involved. During the workshop, Cicileo spoke about how, with whom and where to peer, what type of traffic exchange to perform, how to analyze network traffic to make better interconnection decisions, where to register peering sites, and policies and best practices regarding the use of BGP in peering.

In the first part of the tutorial, the four presenters reviewed the theory of traffic exchange, including concepts related to interconnection and routing security. The second part was a hands-on activity, a lab where participants had the opportunity to create ROAs while learning about their use and the FORT validator.  Special emphasis was also placed on best practices for network operators and Internet exchange points. 

LAC Peering. In parallel with the tutorials, the Latin American and Caribbean Peering Forum took place, a meeting designed for participants interested in Internet network interconnection. The purpose of the Forum is to create an environment that will promote local traffic exchange among peers.

The LAC Peering Forum was opened by Gabriel Adonaylo of LAC-IX and included two panels titled “Video Platforms in LAC” and “WISP Development in LA&C,” as well as presentations titled “GAIA-X: The European Vision of Infrastructure and Interconnection in the Cloud,” “The Importance of Critical DNS Infrastructure in IXPs,” and “Criteria for Good Behavior of IXP Participants.”

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