High-level Conferences and Tutorials at LACNIC 30


High-level Conferences and Tutorials at LACNIC 30

Rosario (Argentina) will host the Latin American and Caribbean Internet community on 24-28 September at the Ros Tower Convention Center. The LACNIC 30 LACNOG 2018 meeting will include the participation of leading international speakers as well as security workshops, panels and tutorials, Internet resource management policies, geolocation, Resource Certification System (RPKI), Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6), and Domain Name System Security Extensions, among other relevant issues.

One of the relevant conferences will be held on Tuesday 25 at 12:00 UTC, with the presentation of the expert Hervey Allen, who works for the Network Startup Resource Center.

Allen has many years of experience resolving and helping with connectivity problems at universities, national research and education networks, and has collaborated in the training of professionals from institutions, national governments and regional groups.

In his conference, Allen will address the lack of connectivity worldwide, particularly in the Caribbean, South America and Central America. Also, he will speak about the models in use of rural connectivity, as well as successful projects in small and medium-sized cities.

“We will talk about what we have seen when they have access to connectivity and what they need in order to achieve better connectivity,” Allen anticipated. In the presentation, Allen will further discuss new technologies in use today, and innovative proposals of companies such as Google, Facebook, O3B, and modern tools like TV white spaces, and long distance WiFi, among other issues.

Conferences presented by these specialists during LACNIC 30 can be followed via live on the Internet through the web page of LACNIC event. Remote participation provides the possibility of asking questions to the speakers of the meeting.

Geolocation. The meeting will include a panel on geolocation which will present a new LACNIC tool to contribute with IP address location. Carlos Alberto Ortiz (LACNIC), Massimo Candela (RIPE NCC), Ricardo Patara (NIC.br) and Jorgelina Striedinger (Digital Element) will be part of the panel. The moderator will be Gerardo Rada (LACNIC).

Tutorials. There will be advanced IPv6 tutorials in charge of the instructors Alejandro Acosta, Jordi Palet, and Ariel Weher; other on policies called HANDS-ON: “Changing Internet Policies!” led by Gianina Pensky; one on the use of Mi LACNIC, the resource management service dictated by Rodrigo Zambrana and Sergio Rojas; the DNSSEC security issue will also be addressed by Mauricio Vergara, Sebastián Castro, Mauricio Oviedo and Hugo Salgado as instructors; the BGP and RPKI tutorial will be led by Nicolás Antoniello, Mariela Rocha, Gerardo Rada, Erika Vega and Guillermo Cicileo; and the Peering tutorial will be under the responsibility of Nicolás Antoniello, Arturo Servín, Carlos Martínez and Guillermo Cicileo.

The LACNOG program is very busy and includes more than 50 works presented by the Organizing Committee.

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