Financial Assistance to Join Us in Medellin – “Get an Inside Glimpse into the Magic of the Internet”


Lacnic’s next meeting will be held in Medellin (Colombia) on 5-10 May. This time, the topic for debate and analysis will be “Technologies and Governance for a Secure and Open Internet.” Applying for our financial assistance program ( will allow you to join the region’s most relevant Internet personalities.

One thousand members of the Lacnic community have already received financial assistance and participated in the various events Lacnic has organized since this program began in 2005.

Héctor Tamayo, Engineering Manager at NAP Colombia, is one of them. This is what he has to say about his experience.

“First, I’d like to express my great appreciation for Lacnic’s motivation of the people who are interested in participating in their annual meetings, and especially for Lacnic’s financial assistance program. Since the first time I received this assistance to attend Lacnic XIII in Curazao, I have been trying to motivate all my contacts in the industry to take part in this experience, as it is not only extremely enriching from a professional point of view, but it also makes you feel that you have been part of the ongoing Internet revolution.

I could begin by highlighting the complete support Lacnic offers recipients and the impeccable logistics of the event itself. Certain details, such as the help they offered when I needed to apply for my Curazao visa, the special attention I received at the event’s hotel, and the constant support offered by Lacnic’s staff, made it very easy for me to get to know other participants. All of this makes the financial assistance program an excellent option for attending a Lacnic event for the first time. I would also like to add that, to me, the main attraction when attending these events is knowing you are in the same room as the world’s leading Internet experts and, even better, that they are willing to share their knowledge, experiences and projects with you. In my case, as it was my first Lacnic meeting, I was able to take the first steps towards the creation of an IPv6 training laboratory in Colombia. I was also able to share our first experiences in managing computer security incidents for our IXP, a topic that is now assigned its specific space at every Lacnic event.

As I said before, attending Lacnic meetings means you get to meet the people and the organizations responsible for the magic of the Internet, it means being part of this revolution, and we, the participants, become the means through which our respective communities can also be part of it. Participating at a Lacnic event is more than just visiting a beautiful city and enjoying good food and good company for a few days – it is a unique opportunity for our country and our community to be a part of the new Internet and work with the rest of the world.

This is why I would like to extend everyone a warm invitation to participate in the Lacnic 19 meeting in Medellin, Colombia. I am sure it will be an unforgettable experience and that those attending for the first time will continue to do so year after year.”

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