Colombia Welcomes Experts from the Technical Internet Community


Colombia Welcomes Experts from the Technical Internet Community

Leading information technology experts from across Latin America and the Caribbean, professionals representing telecommunications companies, academia, and governments will meet in Cali, Colombia, from 2 to 6 May to take part in the LACNIC 37 event.

LACNIC is the Internet Address Registry for Latin America and the Caribbean and is responsible for managing the number resources (IP addresses) for 33 territories in the region, where it promotes Internet growth and development.

The event is set to take place in hybrid format — face-to-face and online — at the Valle del Pacífico Events Center in the city of Cali, and will be hosted by EMCALI.

One of the strong points of LACNIC 37 will be the LACNIC Technical Forum, where professionals with various organizations and companies will present their work on new experiences in cybersecurity, IPv6, DNS, the Internet of Things, interconnection, network operation, and other topics.

The five-day program includes an analysis of network interconnection at the Latin American and Caribbean Peering Forum, which seeks to facilitate local traffic exchange among peers.

In addition to tutorials on IPv6, Resource Management and Interconnection, the Cali meeting will offer training in cybersecurity, including a FIRST Seminar and a discussion forum where experts will share information on vulnerabilities, incidents, and tools for security incident response and cybersecurity teams.

Likewise, LACNIC 37 will have a space to discuss the challenges of regional Internet service providers. In partnership with LAC-ISP, an activity has been organized for ISPs operating in specific departments or states, in areas with access difficulties, through wireless technology and/or last-mile fiber optics, and which provide service to an average of 2,000 subscribers.

The event program also includes a meeting of Latin American and Caribbean Computer Security Incident Response Teams, a space designed for professionals to share for the purpose of strengthening the region in terms of the prevention of computer security incidents and mitigation of their impact.

Special Session: The Internet in Colombia. The LACNIC 37 program has a slot reserved for a session to discuss Internet operation in Colombia, the challenges faced in the country, as well as potential solutions based on the incorporation of best practices and standards. This session is recommended for Internet service providers, content providers, universities, academic networks, government networks, and other companies operating networks or who are part of the Colombian Internet ecosystem. The topics to be addressed include the difficulties that affect network operation and therefore Internet development in Colombia, the status of local interconnection in the county’s major cities, the barriers and challenges to IPv6 deployment, the most commonly incidents, and the best recommended practices in routing security.

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