Celebrating LACNIC’s 20th Anniversary


Celebrating LACNIC’s 20th Anniversary

The LACNIC 38 LACNOG 2022 event will seek to reinforce the value and role that the community has had over the 20 years of existence of the Internet Registry for Latin America and the Caribbean and, based on the experience accumulated over two decades, will focus on the future of the Internet in the region.

With an objective view of everything that has happened since October 2002 and the role that the technical community has taken on, several panels on various technical topics are being organized where various actors from the community will share their experiences.

IPv6: Past, Present and Future. Now that IPv4 addresses have run out or there is very little chance of obtaining these resources given their scarcity on LACNIC’s IPv4 Address Waiting List, many organizations have concentrated their efforts on the promotion and deployment of IPv6.

The panel titled “IPv6: Past, Present and Future” will provide a space for dialogue among various actors who are part of the technical community and who will go over experiences and anecdotes that have taken place in the field of IPv6 over the years, adding their vision for the future.

The panel will comprise experts from academia and the industry —Douglas Fisher (Made4IT), Leslie Daigle (Global Cyber Alliance), Sandra Jaque (University of Chile), and Uesley Correa (Telecom Entrenamientos)— and will be moderated by LACNIC CTO Carlos Martínez. “Panelists will bring to the table different generational approaches and business perspectives that will greatly enrich the dialogue,” Martínez said.

A Decade of Interconnection. Another stellar panel at LACNIC 38 will focus on the tenth anniversary of LAC IX, the Latin American and Caribbean Internet Exchange Point Operators Association, its synergies, and collaborations to strengthen Internet exchange points.

Gabriel Adonaylo of LAC-IX and moderator of the panel observed that the idea is to share knowledge with all event participants, whether they are present in the room or attending remotely. “We must understand that we cannot do this alone and must join forces with other organizations,” he added.

Panelists will include representatives of various Internet exchange points (IXP) who will share their experiences, including technical issues, synergies with other organizations, and how they have benefitted.

Milton Kaoru Kashiwakura (IX.BR), Christian O’Flaherty (Internet Society), Guillermo Cicileo (LACNIC), Mauricio Oviedo (LAC-IX), Carmen Denis Polanco (IXSY), Salvador Bertenbreiter (Peru IX), Carlos Sanabria (PIT Bolivia), and Pablo Ruidiaz (Intered Panama) will participate on the panel.

Policies That Made History. The third part of the trilogy dedicated to the 20 years of LACNIC is the panel titled “Politics that Made History,” which will be moderated by Nicolás Antoniello.

The goal of this panel is to recall some anecdotes and stories related to the policies that had a great impact on the LACNIC region.

Christian O’Flaherty, Ricardo Patara, Evandro Varonil, and Edmundo Cázarez López will be part of the panel.

Click here to check out the complete agenda and register for the event.

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