Celebrating 15 Years with the Community


Celebrating 15 Years with the Community

Highlights of the LACNIC 28 – LACNOG 2017 event include keynote presentations, a hackathon on innovation, and the presence of Steve Crocker, Chairman of the ICANN Board.

LACNIC 28 – LACNOG 2017 will be held in the city of Montevideo, and its goal is to promote and strengthen an open, stable and secure Internet for the development of Latin America and the Caribbean.

The event will bring together regional and global Internet leaders and will meet at the Hotel Radisson Victoria Plaza on 18-22 September.

The presence of noted regional Internet experts who will address the most relevant current issues (security, privacy, IPv6 deployment, Internet Governance) means that it will provide a unique opportunity to learn, share experiences, create synergies and take part in the debates.

Particularly noteworthy is the presence of Steve Crocker, Chairman of the Board of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and one of the experts who laid the foundations for the Internet as we know it today. Crocker will offer a keynote presentation on Wednesday 20 September and will visit Casa de Internet for Latin America and the Caribbean, where he will meet with the LACNIC Board.

Celebrating LACNIC’s 15th anniversary, the panel titled 15 Years of Building Community is another activity not to be missed. Presenters will focus on the work of the community as the driver of the process for strengthening an open, stable and secure Internet. The panel will be made up by Mariela Rocha, Cristine Hoepers, Oscar Messano, Clara Collado, Vivian Valverde and Edmundo Vitale, and moderated by Oscar Robles, LACNIC CEO.

Along with the LACNIC meeting, Montevideo will also welcome the annual meeting of LACNOG, the Latin American and Caribbean Network Operators Forum, where participants will discuss and share technical information and experiences in network operation and infrastructure development.

The LACNIC 28 – LACNOG 2017 program includes a space for the Internet Society (ISOC) to discuss the future of the Internet within the framework of its 25th anniversary celebrations and announce the new Internet Hall of Fame inductees.

In addition, LACNIC will present the 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award, which honors outstanding members of the Internet community for their contribution to the development of the Information Society in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Among other relevant topics, this meeting will address current cybersecurity challenges and include panels on the Internet of Things, infrastructure, and successful IPv6 stories.

Montevideo Hackathon. Taking advantage of the event, LACNIC and AGESIC —the Uruguayan Agency for the Development of e-Government and the Information and Knowledge Society— are organizing a hackathon where network operators will work with coders and other users to develop innovative tools.

This two-day meeting (23-24 September) seeks to bring together network operators, researchers and other users with specific R+D needs, and designers, coders, developers and testers who can find solutions to these needs within a short period of time. A panel of jurors will evaluate the work of the different groups and present prizes to the team which attains the highest number of goals.

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