Cali to Welcome the Most Important Internet Event of the Region


Cali to Welcome the Most Important Internet Event of the Region

Registration is now open to participate in LACNIC’s first annual event which will be held in Cali, Colombia. There, the Latin American and Caribbean Internet community will meet to discuss the latest advances in Internet technology and security.

Those interested in participating in LACNIC 33 and who register before 4 April will benefit from a discount on their registration fee. Likewise, participants who wish to attend on specific days can take advantage of our One Day Pass.

The event will take place from May 4 to 8 at the Valle del Pacífico Events Center, and the agenda’s most important tutorials and panels with recognized Internet experts and professionals have already been confirmed.

IPv6 deployment in the countries of the region – which in Latin America has a penetration rate among end users of 19.5%, a figure that is lower than the global average (29%) – will be one of the key topics to be analyzed during the meeting. The reason for this is that exhaustion of LACNIC’s central pool of available IPv4 addresses means that organizations must implement IPv6 if they are to maintain and grow their Internet business.

In this sense, during the meeting participants will be offered a tutorial on Advanced IPv6, including practical examples of numbering plans for operators, as well as the most important aspects needed for the deployment of IPv6 in FTTH, cable (DOCSIS) and xDSL networks.

Another highlight is the tutorial titled “Using RPKI in Delegated Mode,” which allows LACNIC members to operate their own certificate authority under the LACNIC RPKI tree, thus making it possible for them to automate large-scale operations and manage their cryptographic material.

During the BGP and RPKI tutorial, regional experts will present the basic concepts of the BGP protocol as well as the latest recommendations, best practices and trends in routing security, particularly origin validation using resource certification (RPKI).

The agenda will also include a relevant panel, the Peering workshop, where instructors will analyze the basics of Traffic Exchange, Peering and CDNs, and discuss their business relationships as well as relevant technical aspects.

The Cali event will also host the third edition of the LACNIC Technical Forum as well as the RISE Conference (the call for presentations for the Forum is still open). In addition, a special session has been organized to address the present and future of the Internet in Colombia, where participants will discuss the problems and challenges of network operation in the country.

Click here to read the details of the agenda.

Click here to register.

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