A Workshop to Learn How to Create an Impact with Words


A Workshop to Learn How to Create an Impact with Words

Together with Manuel Libenson, an expert specializing in rhetoric and storytelling and professor at the University of San Andres and the University of Buenos Aires, IT Women is organizing a workshop that is open to all LACNIC 34 LACNOG 2020 participants. 

The activity is titled “Leadership and Communication: The Challenge of Creating an Impact with Our Words” and will focus on the different ways in which we communicate, particularly in the current context in which the Covid-19 pandemic has led us to spend so much time online.

The workshop will be held on the first day of the LACNIC 34 event – Friday 2 October – at 15:00 UTC and will work with participants on different aspects of public speaking and their importance in today’s communications. 

Libenson will share techniques and recommendations that will help develop participants’ flexibility for communicating in various situations, with an emphasis on design, public speaking and expression skills. The purpose is for workshop participants to take away concrete recommendations so that they will be able to use their communications to enhance their leadership abilities.

The expert will address the power of stories in building ties, he will try to reflect on the storytelling paradigm as a way of approaching communication and teach how to design professional presentations with the help of storytelling tools, techniques and resources so that participants can tell meaningful stories based on relevant content. The workshop will also present expressive communication and body language techniques for creating synergistic presentations where each element effectively contributes to the meaningful communication of the story.

LACNIC’s IT Women space seeks to promote leadership, particularly the leadership of women. The purpose of this workshop is to strengthen leadership within the technical community and the involvement of women in LACNIC’s participation spaces.

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