A Fun Way to Interact During #LACNIC34 #LACNOG2020


A Fun Way to Interact During #LACNIC34 #LACNOG2020

We are just a few days to kick off our online event and, to prepare and feel closer to the community, we invite you to interact on our social media channels and participate in different fun activities we have designed especially for you. In each activity, you can edit your pictures to include items referring to the event and also recall your participation in prior editions of our events.

Edit your Facebook profile picture

To edit your Facebook profile picture, go to your profile, select “Update Profile Picture” then select “Add Frame” and search for the LACNIC 34 LACNOG 2020 frames. Choose the option you like the most and it will be applied to your profile picture. You can also access these frames using the following links:


1st  LACNIC Event

IT Women

To edit your pictures and share them on other social media platforms you must download the image you’d like to use, apply it over your profile picture and update your photo. You can do this using canva.com, Snapseed or other image-processing apps.  

Contests and Challenges

During the event, you will find the following challenges across LACNIC’s social media platforms:

  • Vintage T-Shirt Challenge: Look for T-shirts from prior LACNIC events and share a picture. You can also click here to edit your picture with one of our virtual T-shirts. Remember to tag us and use event hashtags #LACNIC34 #LACNOG2020! 
  • Travel Log: Share your stories of prior events in which you participated.
    • Tag: Tag yourself at the last event you participated on this interactive Facebook map. 
    • Share: Share this map with a comment about the last event in which you participated, or tell us which event was your favorite.

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, participate in the different contests and share your impressions on the event. Don’t forget to use hashtags #LACNIC34 #LACNOG2020!

If you still haven’t registered for the event, you can click here and register right now.

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