Synergies for Fighting Cybercrime


Synergies for Fighting Cybercrime

Seeking to strengthen the cooperation between the regional actors involved in computer security, law enforcement agencies (LEAs) and the Internet technical community, a meeting was held with about 30 experts during the LACNIC 32 event.

Promoted by LACNIC, the goal of the conference was to identify common lines of work and generate future synergies among representatives of the various stakeholders involved.

The activity included the presentation of studies addressing the increase in the number and volume of cyberattacks as well as the increased sophistication of cybercriminals.

“A growing number of crimes are committed through computer networks. In this regard, we should not only be talking about computer systems but also about Internet platforms and social networks,” said Kevon Swift, Head of Strategic Relations and Integration at LACNIC.

Speakers presented reports on the technological landscape and its impact on the work of law enforcement agencies, as well as the latest trends in cybersecurity.

Carlos Martínez, CTO at LACNIC, presented a paper on the Internet ecosystem and how Internet actors can support LEAs. Rodrigo de la Parra, Regional Vice President for ICANN, and Shernon Osepa, Manager for Latin America and the Caribbean for the Internet Society (ISOC), completed this talk.

In turn, Graciela Martínez, Head of LACNIC WARP, shared a report on cyberincidents and the role of CSIRTs in supporting police investigations.

Swift noted that the lack of knowledge on technical and governance issues often complicates the work of the agents responsible for online criminal investigations.

Information was also shared regarding how to leverage the work of CSIRTs to mitigate attacks and gather evidence that can be used in the legal prosecution of these incidents.

“We hope to continue improving our relationship with these groups and, in the future, identify specific issues on which we can work together with law enforcement agencies,” Swift concluded. 


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