Seeking to Increase the Number of Root Server Copies in the LAC Region


Seeking to Increase the Number of Root Server Copies in the LAC Region

+RAICES is a project promoted by LACNIC which has allowed more than 30 copies of DNS root servers to be installed in the region of Latin America and the Caribbean. This year, the number of servers will increase once again, as LACNIC has issued a new call for proposals from organizations interested in installing copies of the original root servers in the countries of the region.

According to Guillermo Cicileo, Head of in Internet Infrastructure Research and Development at LACNIC and responsible for +Raíces, the program seeks to strengthen regional DNS infrastructure.

The more than thirty copies installed in the region have been the result of the agreements signed by LACNIC with Internet Systems Consortium, ICANN and RIPE NCC, the administrators of the F, L and K root servers, respectively. Thirteen organizations are responsible for managing the original root servers, and copies of these servers are installed to improve access and increase the robustness of the domain name service worldwide.

“The DNS root zone is key for Internet operation. It is the common element that allows resolving names throughout the domain name system’s tree hierarchy. Because of this, reliable and efficient access plays a major part in Internet users’ experience,” observed Cicileo.

The copies installed in Latin America and the Caribbean have increased the resilience of the DNS, one of the Internet’s most critical resources. Root server copies increase redundancy and decrease the criticality of resources, thus providing for a better response to potential DDoS attacks or eventual infrastructure failures that might render the original root-servers inoperative.

In addition to a more direct access to the DNS, these copies improve connectivity for local users and Internet providers.

2019 Call for Proposals. LACNIC’s call for proposals from organizations interested in installing a root server copy will remain open to all Internet organizations in the region until 31 May.

Each organization must bear the costs of hosting the server, as well as the cost of the bandwidth needed for the operation of the root server copy. It must also provide the IPv4 and IPv6 addresses for the server.

The complete details of the +RAICES call for proposals can be found here.

Thirty-one organizations responded to last year’s call for proposals. After careful evaluation, the National Network of Ecuadorian Research and Education (CEDIA), the Association of University Interconnection Networks of Argentina (ARIU), and Brazilian ISP Altarede Corporate were selected to host new root server copies. Each of these organizations will install a copy of the I root server operated by Netnod in Sweden. After this new call for proposals, at least two other host organizations will be selected. Server locations are selected by mutual agreement between Netnod and LACNIC, taking into account elements such as connectivity, interconnection with other autonomous systems, and the potential to benefit a larger number of end users.

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