Partnerships to Promote Cybersecurity


Partnerships to Promote Cybersecurity

LACNIC’s computer security Warning, Advice and Reporting Point (LACNIC WARP) has formalized agreements with relevant international organizations to promote cybersecurity, data protection and safe online habits.

These partnerships will allow strengthening the region’s response capacity, training regional experts with the support of leading professionals, and being part of the world’s elite cybersecurity teams, said Graciela Martínez, Head of LACNIC WARP.

FIRST. One of our first alliances was with the Forum for Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST), with whom we signed an agreement to support the development of computer security incident response capabilities in the LAC region.

As part of this agreement, FIRST has made its training programs and capabilities available to LACNIC, who will use these with regional teams. “Our local team of trainers will offer FIRST courses within the region and we will work closely with FIRST to organize these events,” said Martinez.

This alliance has strengthened LACNIC’s Amparo project workshops, as it is now possible to coordinate events and conferences on the security issues currently faced by the region using the training programs developed by FIRST.

Anti-Abuse. Another important step in terms of security was joining the Messaging, Malware and Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group to collaborate on global cybersecurity issues.

As part of this partnership, LACNIC gained access to platforms to fight against online threats and engage with service providers and online security communities.

“Our participation in M3AAWG allows us to actively engage with leading researchers and experts from around the world to discuss which anti-abuse techniques work well and why they do so, while sharing our regional perspective. A better understanding of M3AAWG best practices can help us improve local cybersecurity efforts, minimize threats and create more economic opportunities for the citizens of Latin America,” said Martínez.

An agreement was also signed with Level 3 to exchange information for research purposes and to provide assistance in the event of an attack originated by LACNIC resources

Stop, Think, Connect. LACNIC WARP’s most recent agreement is with Stop. Think. Connect. to develop a security messaging campaign in Latin America and the Caribbean that will encourage Internet users to practice safe online habits.

Martinez believes this agreement will help promote and raise awareness on the importance of practicing safe online behavior, especially among users in Latin America and the Caribbean.

This campaign will consist of tips and warnings on cybersecurity issues so that the most vulnerable users will have tools to keep themselves, their families and their communities safer online.


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