Mexico Installs a Copy of the I-Root Server with LACNIC Support


Mexico Installs a Copy of the I-Root Server with LACNIC Support

Mexico has installed a new copy of an Internet root server to strengthen its infrastructure and improve Internet development. The server was installed in Mexico City by Transtelco with the support of LACNIC’s +Raíces program, an initiative of the regional RIR that seeks to strengthen Internet resilience, stability and security in the region.

It is a copy of the I-root server, one of the 13 original Internet servers. The Mexican company was selected as the result of the call for proposals issued by LACNIC’s +Raíces program in 2017, together with Netnod, the organization that operates the I-root server.

Alejandra Moreno, Project Manager, Transtelco, noted that this project was launched in one of the places with the highest levels of Internet traffic in Mexico (Mexico City), so it will benefit a large number of users and organizations.

What motivated Transtelco to reply to LACNIC’s call for proposals for installing this anycast copy of the root server in Mexico City?

Given that Transtelco has focused on progressively developing its network infrastructure, as a company that offers high-performance network services to national and transnational companies, we saw this as an opportunity to strengthen our network architecture by managing the installation and hosting an anycast copy in Mexico City, one of the main cities where traffic is exchanged in the country.

Are there any other root server copies in Mexico?

According to the information published on the portal, there are a total of 6 DNS root server copies in Mexico

Why are you interested in being part of the +Raíces project?

Transtelco is a company that shares LACNIC’s vision of the key role that root server copies play in enhancing and strengthening Internet flexibility, stability and security, both globally and regionally.

Did you find it easy to present and later execute this initiative?

Thanks to the excellent support and collaboration of both Netnod and LACNIC, the process was simple, and all the administrative, financial and technical procedures were successfully carried out from the start of the process to the installation and activation of the server.

Which organizations or users will benefit from the I-root server copy?

Installing the root server in the Transtelco network directly benefits a large number of residential and business users in 34 metropolitan markets.

What improvements do you expect to see as a result of the operation of this root server?

Transtelco is convinced that, in addition to improving local and global connectivity, there will be an increase in the stability, availability and speed of response of the DNS system, making it an excellent initiative and the beginning of a successful relationship.

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