LACNIC WARP: 5 Years of Cybersecurity Incident Management


LACNIC WARP: 5 Years of Cybersecurity Incident Management

Over the course of its first five years of operation, the group specializing in security incident management known as LACNIC WARP (Warning, Advice and Reporting Point) has trained 800 cybersecurity experts and managed 600 major computer security incidents in Latin America and the Caribbean. 

Created in 2014 to meet the growing demands of the technical community, LACNIC WARP has achieved regional and international recognition for strengthening security incident prevention, detection and response capabilities throughout LACNIC’s service region.

In these first five years, LACNIC WARP organized 19 AMPARO workshops across the region for the purpose of strengthening and promoting Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRTs). These efforts have resulted in the creation of incident response teams in Costa Rica, Honduras, Bolivia, Mexico and Ecuador, and the strengthening of existing teams in the other countries visited by LACNIC experts. “Eight hundred professionals have received specialized training,” noted Graciela Martínez, Head of LACNIC WARP.

LACNIC WARP maintains an updated map of Latin American CSIRTs working on the prevention of cyberattacks. This map is available at

Representatives of these teams have gathered at the ten face-to-face LAC-CSIRT meetings organized within the framework of LACNIC events. These meetings have served to build incident prevention, detection and response capabilities and to strengthen the relationship of trust among entities of a similar nature working in the region.

In coordination with other entities devoted to the prevention of cyberattacks, the LACNIC WARP team has published more than 25 security alerts regarding critical events considered to be critical.

The professional work of the WARP team has allowed it to join the global elite of organizations working in computer security. In this sense, LACNIC has signed cooperation agreements with several renowned organizations such as FIRST,, Message, Mobile, Malware Anti Abuse Working Group (M3AAWG), AntiPhishing Working Group (APW), Stop, Think & Connect (STC), and Team Cymru.

The network comprised by these international organizations “has resulted in closer, more trusting relationships among its members, greater communication speed and efficiency, and a fruitful exchange of information,” added Martinez.

During these five years, LACNIC WARP has been managed considering the pillars promoted by LACNIC to contribute to a stable, open, continuously growing and especially more secure Internet.

So far, LACNIC is the only one of the five RIRs that offers its members an incident management service and the generation of security alerts, which it publishes on the WARP website.

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