LACNIC launches an incident response handling center


LACNIC launches an incident response handling center

LACNIC announces it is launching a computer security incident response coordination center for the members of its community (WARP LACNIC).

LACNIC WARP (Warning, Advice and Reporting Point) will coordinate and facilitate incident handling so that members of the regional community can manage their computer security issues and access confidential information on latent security threats in Latin America and the Caribbean, said Graciela Martinez, responsible for LACNIC WARP.

The center will try to coordinate the services needed to reinforce computer security incident response capabilities in case of incidents involving Latin American and Caribbean Internet addresses, within the framework of the specific goals set in LACNIC’s mission statement aimed at the permanent strengthening of a secure, stable, open and growing Internet.

LACNIC WARP will basically provide three services: an incident reporting service, an anonymous information brokering service for LACNIC members, and a security warning service.

LACNIC WARP will guarantee its members absolute confidentiality throughout the process of collecting and analyzing information that will be used to generate security warnings, promote the use of best practices in the region, and raise awareness about potential threats and solutions in case of computer security attacks.

LACNIC members will benefit from this WARP, as they will have a point of reference for reporting security incidents, seeking help on how to solve these incidents in case of an attack, and keeping up to date on potential security threats within the region.

With the exception of LACNIC’s internal systems, LACNIC WARP will not have the authority to act on the operations of its community’s systems. For this reason, the center will not provide direct remote or on-site assistance for handling security incidents, even if these involve Latin American and Caribbean IP addresses.

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