Information for Law Enforcement Agencies


Information for Law Enforcement Agencies

LACNIC has launched a section on its website dedicated to sharing information for Law Enforcement Agencies to cooperate with them in their response to the growth of cybercrime and other malicious actions.

LACNIC has been working in coordination with LEAs to address public security issues, thus fulfilling its responsibility as a critical player within the Internet ecosystem. 

This initiative is part of the vision shared by LACNIC, the other RIRs and LEAS of adopting a systemic approach to Internet cybersecurity issues.

“We understand the complexity of transnational crimes such as almost all the cybercrimes we encounter. For this reason, LACNIC CSIRT seeks to find common issues on which to work and generate synergies among the stakeholders of the Internet ecosystem and the security teams of governments and entities of the region dedicated to cybersecurity,” commented Kevon Swift, Head of Strategic Relations and Integration at LACNIC, and Graciela Martinez, Head of LACNIC CSIRT.

The experts also added that LACNIC is prepared to cooperate with the LEAs in matters of investigations and legal proceedings that are within its capacity as a RIR.

In this sense, LACNIC has organized meetings with LEA officials and representatives during its annual events so as to promote better cooperation among authorities, the information security community and the different Internet stakeholders.

Also, in its role as an intermediary with these law enforcement agencies, LACNIC CSIRT has helped interpret the public data of LACNIC member organizations.

Both collaborators pointed out that LACNIC does not have the authority to act on the operations of its community’s systems, nor does it have the jurisdiction to block any websites even if these involve Internet resources under the administration of its member organizations. 

The Information for LEAs section at LACNIC website is available here.

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