Incident handing in the LAC region


Incident handing in the LAC region

LACNIC presented its Warning Advice and Reporting Point (WARP) during the Cybersecurity Forum and Third Hands-On Workshop for Computer Security Emergency Response Teams held this month in Colombia.

More than 300 participants attended the Cybersecurity Forum held at Universidad de los Andes (Bogotá), where Graciela Martínez, the person responsible for this project, introduced the regional WARP and defined it as a “useful tool for handling incidents” within the region.

She noted that LACNIC WARP coordinates and facilitates incident handling so that members of the community can manage their computer security problems and have access to confidential information regarding latent threats in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Martinez also participated in the Third Hands-On Cybersecurity Workshop held during the Forum, where participants were able to address and manage various security scenarios, working in teams with other colleagues from around the region.

Three simulated scenarios were presented during the workshop: a) an attack on a bank, where each team had to identify the attacked vulnerability and which information the hackers had managed to obtain; b) working with forensic analysis software and comparing it to the traditional methodology; c) preparing an incident report, including all communications made before, during and after the cyber-attack, various actors (e.g., the media), and affected institutions.

To conclude, a simulation scenario involving a presidential cabinet and crisis resolution team was set up. This joint exercise was designed so that participants would have the chance to manage a cyber-attack on a LAC country in real time.

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