Cybersecurity Teams in the Caribbean


Cybersecurity Teams in the Caribbean

In order to deal with a growing number of cybersecurity incidents and rising cybercrime rates, several Caribbean countries have decided to establish computer security incident response teams that can provide incident prevention and detection services, as well as event handling capabilities.

CARICERT, the Caribbean Computer Emergency Response Team, was created for the visionary purpose of helping companies, countries and organizations in the Caribbean maintain a safer, more protected Internet experience.

CARICERT is based in Curacao and offers incident prevention, detection and management services, as well as advice on computer security policies and cybersecurity laws and regulations.

The team detects and shares information on concrete security incidents and threats, which it receives from its members and partner CERTs worldwide.

Once reported incidents and threats have been verified and determined to be true, organizations in the Caribbean region receive this information through a notification service. This allows implementing timely actions in response to new security threats, thus increasing the level of protection.

The team also coordinates the response efforts of the parties involved in a specific incident, including its victim, other sites involved in the attack, and Internet service providers (ISOs).

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