The region needs more Internet Exchange Points to increase content availability


Installing Internet Exchange Points (IXP) in Latin America and the Caribbean is a strategic decision that will attract content delivery networks to the region. Local IXPs would also help increase Internet traffic, reduce costs, solve traffic exchange issues, and improve service quality.

This is what Hernán Arcidiácono, Technology and Operations Manager at IPLAN and responsible for CABASE’s IXP, told LACNIC News during the latest edition of the Regional Interconnection Forum (NAPLA) which met during the LACNIC21 event in Mexico.

In the expert’s opinion “the arrival of Content Distribution Networks to our region is simply a matter of time” and will happen “when greater traffic volumes become available.”

Arcidiácono admits that the region is lagging behind as compared to the United States, East Asia and Europe; however, he believes that Latin America is well on the way to having a good number of Content Distribution Networks.

Arcidiácono is of the opinion that, in addition to bringing multiple benefits, local IXPs also guarantee net neutrality.

The following video shows our interview with Arcidiácono, who also spoke of the community’s role in improving regional connectivity.

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