Seed Alliance at the IGF 2013


Seed Alliance at the IGF 2013

Seed Alliance, a collaboration established by three RIRs (APNIC, AFRINIC and LACNIC) for their ISIF Asia, FIRE and FRIDA initiatives, for the purpose of supporting their grants and awards programs in their respective regions, had a strong presence at the recent Internet Governance Forum 2013. Seed Alliance celebrated by recognizing the winners of the 2013 Awards for their contribution from the global south to local and global Internet development.

The prize awarded to Seed Alliance winners included their participation at the IGF, where they were able to network and engage in discussions. The Seed Alliance Open Forum provided an opportunity to showcase the winning projects and to receive feedback from the Internet community.

Finally, Seed Alliance Workshop #75 was also held, a roundtable aimed at exploring new mechanisms for funding Internet innovation.

Throughout the IGF, Seed Alliance had a booth where projects were showcased and which acted as a space for integration and sharing.

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