Award winners visit project site


Award winners visit project site

All winners of the latest edition of the FRIDA Awards visited the telemedicine project on the island of Tasajera, El Salvador.

During their participation at the PREIGF held in San Salvador, representatives of the five award-winning organizations accompanied the delegations representing LACNIC, Conexión El Salvador and SV Net to the island where this novel Salvadoran initiative, a recipient of the FRIDA Award, is being implemented.

The visit allowed sharing experiences and highlighting specifically how the Internet makes it easier for various communities to develop in the most varied forms imaginable. This space was extremely helpful as, for example, representatives of Tiflolibros, a digital library for the blind, took to the opportunity to install their program for the blind on the Salvadorian island’s health center’s computers.

Just hours earlier, those visiting the island had received their awards during a moving ceremony held at the San Salvador PREIGF.

In the “Devices, Infrastructure, and Technologies. Accelerating and Expanding Access” category, the award was presented to Expediente Digital Único en Salud (Unified Digital Health Record), an initiative by the Costa Rican Social Security System.

In the “Creating and Developing Skills and Content for Sustainable Human Development” category, the award was presented to BRAZIL 4D, a government information and services initiative for low income population through the Interactive Public DTV, a project by the Brazilian government. Also within this category, a special mention was awarded to LATIn, a Latin American open textbook initiative submitted by the academic sector.

In the “Internet for Promoting, Guaranteeing and Exercising Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms” category, the winning proposal was Flor de Ceibo, an initiative by Universidad de la República (Uruguay).

In the “Mobile Internet for Social Inclusion, Growth, Political Participation, and Active Citizenship” category, the award was presented to Linguoo, a regional project for researchers which is hosted at an incubator at Universidad Blas Pascal in Cordoba, Argentina.

Finally, in the “+voted +creative” category, the winner was Tiflolibros – Digital Library for the Blind, a project by Tiflonexos, a civil society organization based in Argentina.

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