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Roberto Kreimerman, Uruguayan Minister of Industry

Roberto Kreimerman, Uruguayan Minister of Industry

During the past few years, the Information Society has grown very quickly in Latin America and the Caribbean and contributed to the region’s economic boom, noted the Uruguayan Minister of Industry, Roberto Kreimerman, during the Internet Hub’s opening ceremony.

The official highlighted the importance of this Hub, which has brought together several Latin American and Caribbean organizations for the purpose of creating relationships with the knowledge society.

The minister celebrated the creation of the Internet Hub for Latin America and the Caribbean which, in his words, has a “huge responsibility” as it is one of the five organizations at global level that regulate and administrate everything relating to the Internet in a region that is “increasingly looking towards a common goal of peace and justice.”

He also recalled that at the Cartagena Summit, a meeting in which he participated, the topics on which consensus was reached and that “contribute to Peoples development” include the “need to increase added value and technology” in Latin America and the Caribbean’s production.

At that meeting, Latin American and Caribbean presidents renewed their agreement on the importance of the role of the knowledge society, which includes, among others, improving the Internet and broadband plans.

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