Larger Headquarters, More Office Space


Larger Headquarters, More Office Space

Larger Headquarters, More Office Space

With an investment of almost two million dollars, LACNIC has begun a project to expand its headquarters in Montevideo that will double the capacity of its facilities and strengthen their role as technological center and meeting place for the region’s Internet community. The project is now underway and it is expected that the new facilities will open in March 2012.

The new LACNIC headquarters will significantly increase office and meeting room space, which in turn will make it easier to build relationships with our members and strengthen the ties that have already been established through more services and a better response to their specific needs.

It will also allow developing experimentation centers for new technologies such as the IPv6 training lab.

From its offices located in Montevideo, LACNIC serves more than 2000 Internet organizations based in Latin America and the Caribbean. This project reinforces the organization’s commitment to building a Regional Registry that will serve its community.

Compared to LACNIC’s current facilities, the expansion project will increase office space by 260% and meeting room space by 170%. The datacenter will also be significantly expanded.

In all, LACNIC is adding 1200 square meters – a 240% increase as compared to our current facilities.

Expanding our premises and opening our new headquarters will allow the organizations having their offices inside LACNIC to work more comfortably: the Latin American and Caribbean Federation for Internet and Electronic Commerce (eComLAC); the Latin American Cooperation of Advanced Networks (CLARA), the organization that brings together the academic networks of 16 different Latin American and Caribbean countries; the Organization of Latin American and Caribbean ccTLDs (LACTLD); and the Internet Society Chapter for Latin America and Caribbean (ISOC).

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