Casa de Internet and the Da Vinci Foundation Celebrate Internet Day


Casa de Internet for Latin America and the Caribbean and the Da Vinci Foundation celebrated Internet Day for the fifth consecutive year.

More than fifty entrepreneurs and representatives of the organizations working out of Casa de Internet participated in this special celebration held at LACNIC’s offices in Montevideo.

While enjoying a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, participants watched video interviews with members of the Internet community and entrepreneurs working in the field of ICTs. In these videos, members of the Internet community described how they try to contribute daily to improving Internet development in the region, while entrepreneurs shared how their work helps improve people’s quality of life.

The meeting was streamed live and sought to bring together different sectors working on Internet-related topics so that they could share their points of view and network.

Promoted by the Association of Internet Users and the Internet Society, Internet Day is celebrated each year on May 17 and its goal is to share the possibilities offered by new technologies.

Watch the videos.

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