Gabriel Adonaylo

Gabriel Adonaylo

I have a degree in Information Systems Engineering by Argentina’s Universidad Tecnológica Nacional and have completed graduate studies at different universities in my country.

I am 48 years old and have devoted more than half of my life to developing the Internet in the region.

I currently actively participate in LAC-IX, the Latin American and Caribbean Association of Internet Exchange Point Operators. I am also a member of the LACNIC Board of Directors, where I am currently Treasurer for the organization. Prior to this, I served on LACNIC’s Fiscal Commission for 10 years.

As for my professional background, I worked with Comsat International and then with British Telecom for 20 years, where I was responsible for Internet technology and later Head of Product Management for Latin America and the Caribbean.

I was one of the founders of NAP CABASE and later vice president of the current Internet chamber. I was part of the original team working on NAPLA (later the Regional Interconnection Forum). I have actively participated in the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) process since its inception. I have attended the meetings of the Global Peering Forum (GPF) and currently coordinate the Peering Forum in Latin America and the Caribbean. I have participated in more than 25 events organized by LACNIC. I have attended meetings in other regions, including ARIN, NANOG, RIPE and IETF events. I have been part of the Argentina Chapter of the Internet Society.


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