Erika Vega

Erika Vega is a Senior Consultant at SOCIUM and Engineering Manager at MC&H Networks. She coordinates the infrastructure group within the Internet Society Colombia chapter and serves as a mentor of the global Mutually Agreed Standards for Routing Security (MANRS) program. In addition, she is part of the Board of Directors of the Latin American and Caribbean Network Operators Group (LACNOG) and director of its routing group.

She is a Telecommunications Engineer and consultant who specializes in IP network design and engineering and supports the deployment of new technologies such as IPv6 and RPKI. As part of this task, she works with network operators in various countries in the region and with some of the IXPs currently under development. For more than 10 years, she has coordinated and supported implementations of the IPv6 protocol and infrastructure security in government agencies and higher education institutions. She is a founding member of the Center for Women in Technology and co-chair of the LACNOG Training Working Group. She is currently a tutor and content developer for the course titled ‘BGP Security with RPKI and IRR’ offered by the LACNIC Campus.