Why participate in the LACNIC Satisfaction Survey


International consulting firms MERCOPLUS LATIN AMERICA and CETIC will begin conducting our traditional satisfaction survey to learn our members’ opinion of LACNIC’s services and products.

Many of you will receive an email from the consultants (@mercoplus-la.com or numeracao-pesquisa@registro.br) with a series of questions in a form that is divided into two parts. The first part should take no more than four minutes to complete, while the second part is optional and should take about three minutes to reply.

Likewise, during the LACNIC event that will be held in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, during the month of October, tablets will be available at the LACNIC stand so that members who have not already done so via email can complete the survey.

“Having answers from our members is important to see what we need to improve or what new courses and services our members wish to see,” said LACNIC Chief Services Officer Alfredo Verderosa. LACNIC considers the satisfaction survey to be a very valuable tool, as the opinions and evaluations of its members allow identifying where improvements can be made and which products can be developed to meet their needs.

Results of the last survey conducted by MERCOPLUS (2020) showed that 98% of surveyed members were satisfied or very satisfied with LACNIC’s management.