TOP 10 Topics that Sparked the Greatest Interest in 2019


We would like to share with our members the webinars, event presentations and articles that had the highest engagement and number of views in 2019.

These were the topics that sparked the greatest interest both among our members and among the entire Latin American and Caribbean community.

Be sure to check out the highlights of 2019!

We look forward to your participation in the coming activities of 2020.


1. Transitioning to IPv6 with Mapping Address Translation (in Spanish)

 2. Introduction to Segment Routing IPv6 (in Spanish)

3. IPv6 Day (in Spanish)

Presentations at the LACNIC 31 and LACNIC 32 Events:

4. Advanced IPv6 Tutorial (in Spanish):

5. BSDRP – A Softrouter Option with FRR (in Portuguese)

6. Towards a 2023 Transport Network (in Spanish)


7. Mexico Installs I-Root Server Copy with LACNIC Support (in English)

8. Twelve Steps to Deploy IPv6 (in English)

9. LACNIC Launches New Service for Detecting Open DNS Servers with IPv6 in the Region (in English):

10. Setting an Example: IPv6 Deployment at the University of Costa Rica (in English):