New Security Mechanisms for Mi LACNIC


Seeking to reinforce the security of the mechanisms used by members to access our systems, LACNIC’s Services and Technology departments have implemented a two-factor authentication (2FA) option for the MiLACNIC platform.

The purpose of this accessible and easy-to-use technology is to protect the registry functions and the operation of MiLACNIC.

Two-factor authentication adds a new layer of security to the login process, integrating two different components. This tool combines something that the user knows — their password — with something that the user has — an alternative device.

In the case of MiLACNIC, the user will first use a password. The second authentication factor is a series of digits generated by an authenticator device (based on the Time-Based One-Time Password Algorithm or TOTP).

The mechanism provides alternatives to easily and safely retrieve the codes in case of loss of the device.

Adoption of two-factor authentication is advancing at a good pace, with hundreds of MiLACNIC users already employing the technology. LACNIC strongly recommends its use, as security is an increasingly important element in the protection of computer systems information.

The following video prepared by LACNIC’s Services department provides a very simple explanation of how to enable 2FA: