New Policy Proposals Presented


Three new policy proposals were presented for discussion and analysis on LACNIC’s Policy List and also at the Policy Forum to be held during the upcoming event in Cali, Colombia on 4-8 May next year.

The first of the proposals under discussion seeks to eliminate the obligation for an entity – whether an ISP or an end user – to return a block of IPv4 addresses assigned by their provider when it receives an address assignment directly from LACNIC. Today, the policy manual specifies that those who request addresses directly from LACNIC must return the addresses they have been assigned by their providers within a period of twelve months.

The second proposal suggests eliminating the ASN requirement for end users. Currently, when an end user requests an address block, they have to announce the block from their own ASN. The policy proposes eliminating this requirement.

The third policy proposal applies to the address blocks or resources held by LACNIC and which have not yet been used. Under this proposal, LACNIC would issue ROAs with origin ASN 0 for address blocks that have not yet been allocated/assigned, in which case any BGP announcement for prefixes contained in such blocks would be classified as invalid and dropped by routers implementing Route Origin Validation (ROV).

Likewise, of the nine policy proposals analyzed at the Policy Forum in Panama, three have already reached consensus: IPv4 Mergers, Acquisitions, Reorganizations and Relocations; IPv6 Mergers, Acquisitions, Reorganizations and Relocations; and ASN Mergers, Acquisitions, Reorganizations and Relocations.