New Format for Visiting LACNIC Members


This year, the LACNIC Services department implemented a new format to resume the organization’s face-to-face visits to its members, while also maintaining the online meeting format promoted during the COVID-19 pandemic.

These meetings were part of LACNIC’s program for visiting its members, which has now been in place for seven years and which focuses on discussing the benefits associated with their membership (training opportunities, events, as well as scholarship and sponsorship programs), in addition to topics related to Internet number resources (IPv4 exhaustion, transfers and other options for obtaining additional resources, as well as alternatives for IPv6 deployment).

This year, face-to-face visits and online meetings have been held with more than 35 organizations in Chile (face-to-face), Cuba and Nicaragua (online).

A new format was also put in place for the first time in Chile: a mini event with the participation of LACNIC staff and several LACNIC members for the purpose of reaching a greater number of organizations. In addition, LACNIC staff made personal visits to several member organizations.

These changes allowed tripling the number of members visited annually by LACNIC.

This outreach program is highly valued by LACNIC members. Participants consider the program to be highly relevant and expressed their satisfaction with the exchange of information and the opportunities offered by LACNIC.