LACNIC WARP: Security Incident Prevention and Management for LACNIC Members


Marking its fifth anniversary, LACNIC’s Warning, Advice and Reporting Point (LACNIC WARP) has published a report that collects valuable information about the work it has carried out over the past five years.

The report highlights the value that LACNIC WARP has represented for our members:

In the information society, security incidents occur in each layer that enables the provision of services. A vulnerability that is quickly detected, reported and fixed results in significant savings in terms of financial and human resources and reduces potential damages.

LACNIC WARP permanently monitors the occurrence and evolution of any security incidents that may affect LACNIC members, using this as input for planning its activities both in terms of assisting them when they need to respond to an incident as well as offering awareness and prevention training courses and other activities.

Having in LACNIC a security alert service, a reliable and specialized source of recommendations, and a reporting point and facilitator provides significant benefits to its members.

The full report (currently only available in Spanish) can be accessed at the following link

Mi LACNIC Security Module:

Given the importance of this topic, we remind you that Mi LACNIC has a Security module under the new Reports menu, where you can visualize any security events that involve the resources assigned to your organization.

The platform is available at:

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