LACNIC Policy Development Process at LACNIC 38: A Meeting Reserved for Members


During LACNIC 38, the last annual event held by the organization, members of the LACNIC staff explained the Policy Development Process to LACNIC members.

Through an open and collaborative participation process, the LACNIC community can propose new rules or policies for the assignment and management of IP addresses and autonomous system numbers (ASNs) in Latin America and the Caribbean. To do so, it is necessary to submit “policy proposals” and then discuss them until it is determined whether these proposed “changes” have reached consensus and can be implemented.

These participation opportunities are available to anyone who subscribes to the Policy List ( or participates in the Public Policy Forum, which meets at every LACNIC annual event.

LACNIC operates based on a self-regulation model under which the community develops the rules or policies for the administration of Internet resources. 

While this operation is not reserved solely for LACNIC members but is instead open to the community in general, the active participation of its members is important to LACNIC, as they are the ones who use the resources for which all policies are created.

We invite you to actively participate by submitting policy proposals and contributing to the discussions to make sure that the regional interests and those of the community as a whole are looked after.