LACNIC Member Benefits and Rights


When you join LACNIC, in addition to being assigned and managing IP addresses, your organization will have multiple benefits and rights that come with being a member. 

Whether your company is an Internet service provider that reassigns these IP addresses or an entity that uses them internally, everyone has access to different opportunities, as well as different spacies where the opinion of LACNIC members helps us decide the changes to be implemented by our organization and how number resources are managed in the region.

Annual membership fees include both the right to use your IP addresses, as well as access to the LACNIC products and services. One of the benefits most popular among our members are the webinars and courses offered through the LACNIC Campus free of charge and without any limitation to the number of participants per member organization. 

Members have free access to tickets to LACNIC’s annual online, hybrid, and face-to-face meetings, as well as full sponsorship opportunities.

In addition, your organization has the right to vote during Member Assemblies, as well as to nominate candidates to run for the LACNIC Board and the organization’s Fiscal and Electoral Commissions—and you can also vote for the candidates of your choice. 

LACNIC offers your organization the possibility of certifying your Internet resources and ensuring routing system security using tools available on the MiLACNIC platform.

For further details of the benefits and rights that come with your membership, we invite you to visit our website: 

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