LACNIC Honeynet: Real-Time Attack Alerts


LACNIC Honeynet is an initiative of LACNIC CSIRT through which we seek to gain first-hand knowledge of the most frequent types of security attacks in Latin America and the Caribbean:

During a webinar organized for LACNIC members, LACNIC CSIRT presented the results of Honeynet.

This project allows members to gain first-hand intelligence on how attackers attempt to breach the security of the servers and services of organizations in our region.

Guillermo Pereyra, Security Analyst at LACNIC CSIRT, showed webinar participants how the system allows viewing security events in real time and the M.O. of attempted attacks affecting the resources of organizations in the region.

Pereyra stressed that the early collection of information on potential threats allows taking proactive actions to mitigate them.

The project consists of a medium interaction honeypot network that displays security events in real time.

Pereyra explained that a sensor’s operation is quite simple, as it simulates an actual server with very basic security configurations designed specifically to be targeted by hackers.

The information collected by the project is shared with the organizations that have installed these devices and is included in LACNIC CSIRT statistics. We invite you to join this initiative by watching this webinar especially prepared for our members. The recording is shared exclusively below:—discover-how-network-security-attacks-work