LACNIC 2021 in Numbers


Resources (IPv4, IPv6, ASNs)

  • How many resource requests (IPv4, IPv6 and ASN) did LACNIC receive in 2021?

More than 2,200 requests.

  • What number of resources were assigned in the region in 2021?

In 2021, a total of 1,813 IPv4, IPv6, and ASN assignments were made in the region (including those made by the Brazilian and Mexican NIRs). These accounted for 350,720 IPv4 addresses and 715 ASNs.

  • How many IPv4 address blocks were transferred within the region in 2021?

This year, 107 IPv4 address blocks were transferred (50 blocks more than in 2020).

  • And how many IPv4 addresses were transferred outside the region in 2021?

Just as in 2020, in 2021 outgoing transfers continued to outnumber incoming transfers: 248,000 addresses were transferred to other RIRs, while 27,000 were received in our region.

  • Which countries transferred and received the highest number of IPv4 addresses in 2021?

A look at the movement of IP addresses both within the region and to and from other registries shows that Brazil and Argentina were the countries from which the highest number of addresses were transferred, while Mexico and Colombia were the ones that received the highest number of addresses in the region. 

  • Recovered IP addresses

Last year, LACNIC received a monthly average of 60 resource requests. Recovered addresses allowed LACNIC to meet an average of 8 to 10 requests per month.

  • How many members have already validated their abuse contacts?

More than 81% of LACNIC members have validated their contacts (2,600+ contacts). Of these, 93% correspond to resources assigned directly by LACNIC (IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, ASNs).

Our Members

  • How many new members joined LACNIC in 2021?

This year, 487 new members joined LACNIC. The year closed with a total of  12,144 member organizations.

  • How many unique users logged in to MiLACNIC in 2021?

More than 8,500 users logged in to the platform.

  • How many members used MiLACNIC to register for the courses offered on the LACNIC Campus, webinars, and LACNIC’s annual events?

More than 4,800 members used our platform to register for the training activities offered by LACNIC through its online Campus and the LACNIC events organized in 2021.

  • How many members voted in the elections to appoint members to the Fiscal and Electoral Commissions and the LACNIC Board in 2021?

A total of 4,659 members exercised their right to vote in our by-laws mandated election processes.

  • Which countries participated in the online visits program in 2021?

Seeking to strengthen ties with LACNIC members, learn about their concerns, and provide them with first-hand information on the benefits and services offered by the organization, the LACNIC staff met with approximately 60 organizations based in Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, and Bolivia.