Five Benefits for LACNIC Members


LACNIC offers multiple benefits so that its members can develop their IPv6 networks, improve their infrastructure, provide training to their staff free of charge through face-to-face or online courses, receive alerts in cases of cyberattacks, and increase their routing security.

IPv6 Deployment. On LACNIC’s website, members will find a series of steps with details and instructions for deploying IPv6. This includes information on how to deploy IPv6, transition mechanisms, IPv6 statistics, and an IPv6 Only section.

Resource Certification (RPKI). LACNIC offers a resource certification system that has two modes: “delegated” and “hosted.” In delegated mode, an organization can implement its own certificate authority and therefore maintain its own private key for signing cryptographic material. All members can use this service.

Free Training. All members can improve the technical and academic level of their staff through free courses, webinars, podcasts, and technical reports offered by LACNIC. These are educational tools designed to enhance security, network development, courses on IPv6, and other activities. The LACNIC Campus is one of the member benefits with the highest demand. It offers educational and practical multimedia material, training options in self-study and tutor-assisted formats, and can be accessed from any device connected to the Internet.

Cyberattacks. LACNIC has a Computer Security Incident Response Team (LACNIC CSIRT) to help its members improve Internet security. This CSIRT offers in-person and online training to try to mitigate the potential effects of a cyberattack and at the same time coordinates actions and issues alerts in the event of possible cybersecurity incidents in the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Secure Routing, IRR. LACNIC offers its members an Internet Routing Registry (IRR) where operators in the region can express and share their routing policies to a database. This helps improve the integrity of Internet routing.