Findings on IPv6 Deployment and Progress in the Region


According to a study conducted last year on the Internet Protocol in Latin America and the Caribbean led by LACNIC and supported by international consultants SmC+, IPv4 exhaustion and a growing demand for the Internet determine the need for greater IPv6 adoption across the region.

The research showed the motivations for deploying IPv6 in the region and compared the results with the findings obtained by LACNIC in 2016.

As reported by the study, the lessons learned about IPv6 over the past five years have to do with business cases, the growth of user demand, the implementation of the protocol, and the cost of IP addresses.

Another major driver of IPv6 is online gaming, which has gained unprecedented momentum among ISPs due to a combination of cost savings and an improved user experience. Today, the most popular game consoles encourage users and ISPs to deploy IPv6.

In turn, the barriers to IPv6 deployment relate mostly to a lack of knowledge and preparation.

To watch the presentation of the study’s findings, we invite you to watch the video and read the PDF for further details.