Final Countdown to LACNIC 32 – LACNOG 2019


More than 400 participants have already registered to attend the LACNIC 32 – LACNOG 2019 meeting in Panama City. 

The week-long event will include multiple activities addressing topics such as the evolution of the Internet, computer security incidents, IPv6 deployment, routing and others.

This time, two panels have been scheduled, the first of which will discuss the evolution of the DNS (Tuesday 8 October at 9:15 local time), while the second will present various technologies for smaller ISPs (Friday 11 October at 14:00).

The Advanced IPv6 and Peering tutorials will be broadcast live.

Ten proposals for managing Internet resources in the region will be analyzed during the Public Policy Forum.  The full details of these proposals are available here. 

Highlights of the LACNOG meeting will include the presence of keynote speaker Igor Giangrossi, Senior Director of Consulting Engineering at Nokia, who will discuss the evolution of mobile networks, their architecture, the innovations introduced by 5G and how they affect IP network requirements.

In addition, IT Women will hold a meeting that will allow attendees to participate in a coaching and networking session. Sponsored by Google, this activity will take place on Monday 7 October from 18:00 to 19:00 local time. The session will be open to the public in general and will consist of an interactive meeting with questions to guide participants as they reflect on three key topics: leadership, resilience and authenticity.

Those who are unable to join us in person will be able to follow the event online, as streaming will be provided including simultaneous interpretation into Spanish, English and Portuguese.

Click here to check out the full event agenda.

Click here if you would like to register to attend. 

We also invite you to read the LACNIC Community Code of Conduct, a guide containing standards of conduct that apply to everyone involved in the different participation spaces.