LACNIC Podcast

LACNIC would like to invite you to join us in a new experience we have developed – LACNIC Podcast, a communication channel designed to bring together different voices to talk about Internet-related issues that are relevant to the region. Among the latest


Findings on IPv6 Deployment and Progress in the Region

According to a study conducted last year on the Internet Protocol in Latin America and the Caribbean led by LACNIC and supported by international consultants SmC+, IPv4 exhaustion and a growing demand for the Internet determine the need for greater IPv6


LACNIC Honeynet: Real-Time Attack Alerts

LACNIC Honeynet is an initiative of LACNIC CSIRT through which we seek to gain first-hand knowledge of the most frequent types of security attacks in Latin America and the Caribbean: During a webinar organized for


10 Answers to Your Cybersecurity Questions

1 – What is the purpose of LACNIC CSIRT, LACNIC’s Information Security Incident Response Team? LACNIC CSIRT provides members with a point of trust for reporting security incidents and a safe and anonymous brokering environment for sharing


How to Register for LACNIC’s Webinars and Training Courses

We are pleased to share with you a guide that will show you how to register for our courses and webinars through Mi LACNIC. The following video will walk you through the registration process and how to transfer the option to register to other members of your


New Security Mechanisms for Mi LACNIC

Seeking to reinforce the security of the mechanisms used by members to access our systems, LACNIC’s Services and Technology departments have implemented a two-factor authentication (2FA) option for the MiLACNIC platform. The purpose of this accessible


Online Tour with LACNIC Members

Given that the pandemic has made it impossible to visit our members in person, LACNIC’s Services department has begun conducting virtual visits.  LACNIC decided to continue this series of online encounters to provide first-hand knowledge of the


Tomorrow: IPv6 Day

Tomorrow 16 June LACNIC will join in celebrating the tenth anniversary of World IPv6 Day and has prepared a webinar with the participation of leading experts. LACNIC’s IPv6 Day will begin at 17:00 UTC and will be divided into three parts. The first part


New Policy Proposals Presented

Three new policy proposals were presented for discussion and analysis on LACNIC’s Policy List and also at the Policy Forum to be held during the upcoming event in Cali, Colombia on 4-8 May next year. The first of the proposals under discussion seeks to